Linda Richardson, owner of Crystal’s Closet, is a mother of 7 and grandmother to 20.  She has a passion and knack for finding deals.  She had a dream to open a children’s consignment store in the early 1990s. But as she typically does, she put her dreams last and her family first and did not open a store.

In September 2011, Linda’s youngest child, Crystal, died very suddenly and unexpectedly.   All of the kids wanted their mom to try her dream.  All the children helped in ways they could: to start the business, Charlie and Jeff renovated and painted Carrie purchases items, Trinia and Michelle help with organizing and donating, and Becky worked the store on Saturdays.  As Steve, Linda’s husband, said: “Naming the business after Crystal was the only way she could help.”

The store is a family affair.  We hope you will enjoy the family atmosphere and southern hospitality!