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Welcome to Crystal’s Closet – A Richmond Thrift Store At Its Best!!!

Welcome to the new Crystal’s Closet Website – A Richmond Thrift Store At Its Best!!!

Over the coming weeks we hope to fill our new website with great content and showcase some of the items we have available in the store for purchase.

The Number One Richmond Thrift Store?

We think so!  Our selection of clothes, furniture, electronics, appliances, media, and knick-knacks is the best in the Richmond, Virginia area.  You will find that our prices are reasonable, and our staff is ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

For these reasons, we feel that our thrift store is the best Richmond Thrift store you’ll find!


More About Crystal’s Closet

Crystal’s Closet is a richmond thrift store that was founded a little over a year ago in the West End area at the intersection of Parham and Patterson Road.  The founder, Linda Richardson, has always had a passion for finding great deals on kids clothes, toys, and items.  She has been very active in the consignment sales business for a number of years in the Richmond area.

Recently, Linda was interested in taking her skills of finding high quality items at good prices to the next level.  She wanted to open her own Richmond thrift store that could serve clients in the surrounding West End area.  Let’s face it, many of us don’t have time to shop around at yard sales all day, aren’t interested in haggling, and are looking for high quality items that we can use in our home or give as gifts to our loved ones.

Let Linda take care of all of this for you.  She hunts for the best, high quality items and offers them to you at an affordable price in a warm and comforting atmosphere.  So, stop on buy the store and discover what Crystal’s Closet has in store for you.  Crystal’s Closet truly is a Richmond Thrift Store at its best!!!